The first Web3 & AI learning platform transforming education for the world’s 2 billion children

EDAI is a Learn-to-Earn app with engaging Web3-based rewards mechanics. Besides hundreds of hours of animated video content and gamified learning features, the app boasts an AI Super Tutor trained by academic experts from Oxford and Cambridge.

The $EDAI token enables a unique freemium access model where users are incentivised to lock and hodl $EDAI in order to progress in their studies, interact with the AI Super Tutor and take part in PvP challenges. Our Learner-Centric AI evolves with every interaction by learning how you learn in order to create a journey that is unique to every user. This ever evolving learning experience aims to go beyond teaching a particular concept and help users learn how they learn best, find their passions and set them on a path of life-long learning.


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